USA Powerlifting Capital City Clash

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USA Powerlifting Capital City Clash

Saturday, February 24th

LOCATION: Nebraska National Guard Armory, 1776 N 10th St., Lincoln, NE 68501

TIME:   8:00am weigh-ins, 10:00am lifting


Alexander Cristobal, USA Powerlifting-Club Coach

University of Nebraska Barbell Club – Coach

USA Powerlifting – State Referee

Phone: (224) 535-1262




ENTRY DEADLINE:   Friday, February 9th

USA POWERLIFTINGAttention College Lifters!

USA Powerlifting Warrior Open Collegiate Powerlifting Championships

 Sanction #NE-2017-03

 December 9, 2017

 Midland University, Fremont Nebraska.

 This event is open to all collegiate athletes.

 Info at and Facebook Event Information

 Register Here:  
Entry Deadline, November 22, 2017


For more information contact Tim Anderson at

Midwest Senior States

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USA Powerlifting Midwest Senior States! 

Sanction #NE-2017-04

December 10, 2017

Being held at the Event Center at Midland University, Fremont Nebraska.

This event is a Raw/Classic only meet. Limited to the first 60 entries.

Info at and Facebook Event Information


Register Here: Entry

Entry Deadline, November 22, 2017

For more information contact Tim Anderson at

Power On The Platte New Location

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USA Powerlifting

Power on the Platte 


October 21, 2017

Due to a scheduling conflict with the North Platte Rec Center, the contest is being moved to Fremont Nebraska.

Midland University 

Weikert Event Center Entrance

900 N Clarkson, Fremont Nebraska

3 New Entry Forms Available for Upcoming Events!

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Check out our “Upcoming Events” tab and get ready for 3 upcoming awesome USA Powerlifting Events in Nebraska.

Power On The Platte Oct 21, 2017

Midwest Collegiate Dec 9, 2017

Midwest Senior States Dec 10, 2017

Download and entrys and get training!!!!

Contest Update From The State Chair

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Contest Update:Please refer to the earlier post and link regarding the 2017 Central Regional Championship. Nebraska is part of the Central Region and the Championships will be in the Minneapolis area on September 2-3. Entry deadline is listed as August 1st.
Two meet directors were planning contests in the Aug/Sept 2017 timeframe that are not going to work out this year. I am working to finalize the date for the Power On The Platte Oct/Nov in North Platte. Midwest Senior States is being planned for December in Fremont. Since Early this year plans are being made to hold a meet in Lincoln early February 2018, and the 2018 State Championships will be held Apr/May timeframe in Fremont. More details to follow hopefully in the near future. If you have any questions or if you may know of somebody that might be interested in hosting a sanctioned USA Powerlifting meet in Nebraska please contact me at…thanks

Powerlifting 101

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USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Meet Entry

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USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Championships (NE-2017-02)

Midland University, Hopkins Arena 904 Clarkson Street, Fremont, Nebraska

To be held April 29-30, 2017. Entry HERE

Hello Everyone,

I have just been awarded the bid for the 2017 Central Regional Championship. It will be in the Minneapolis area on September 2-3.
I made the announcement today on Facebook and it can be seen here:
Please share this information with your members and let me know if you have any questions.
I am hoping our region will be well-represented in terms of lifters, referees, and meet staff.
– Joe Warpeha

December State Chair Message Regarding State Records

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NE STATE RECORDS: if you are a registered Nebraska lifter and have set a Nebraska State Record, in Nebraska competitions or any other USA Powerlifting, NAPF, or IPF competition, and they are not showing up as NE records please send me an email with all the info so that I can follow up to get them entered manually.
For some reason that I cannot explain, the database is not recognizing all of the records. I resolve to work with the National Office to take care of this and get all of the records updated ASAP.
As of now there are over 1400 possible records so this will take some time. Please respond directly to me in a separate email, so that it doesn’t get buried 20 or 30 emails deep. I will then be able to respond individually as to when the record has been updated. I’m sure this process will get better sooner than later. In my spare time I will also go back over the competitions held in NE since the database change was made (Jan 2016) in order to update any records that may have been missed.
Please include the following info: 1) Lifter Name and Date-of-Birth. 2) Name and Date of competition. 3) Division and weight class entered. 4) Record in Kilos. I will confirm any records with the competition results and get them entered ASAP, thanks.