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Team Thurman Invades Colorado

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After Danny Thurman competed at the NAPF Regional Benchpress Championships on November 17, his three sons competed in the USAPL Push Pull Nationals on November 18 in Aurora Colorado.
John Thurman, 22 years old competed in the 198 Junior Division and Benched 364 and Deadlifted 424. John attempted a Junior state record bench of 418 and was close to lockout with it.

Sixteen year old Derek Thurman lifted at 220 and hit a 320 bench and an easy 352 deadlift.
The youngest of the bunch, 13 year old Nick Thurman lifted in the 148 youth division and competed raw, not even a belt. He benched 160 and deadlifted 265.


Anderson Breaks IPF World Record

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At the NAPF North American Regional Bench Championships, held in Denver, Tim Anderson breaks the IPF World Bench Record with a 315.5kg lift, 695lbs. The previous record was held be Ukraine’s Vadym Dovganyuk.

Here is the video

Nebraska lifters at the NAPF Bench

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November 17, in Denver Colorado Nebraska lifters compete at the NAPF North American Regional Bench Championships. Danny Thurman took second in the 93kg Open class behind fellow world team member Adam Mamola. Thurman finished with a 573lb lift.
Peter Maynard took second in the Masters with a 462lb bench at 105kg.
Tim Anderson took first in the 105kg Open class.

A Message From Our State Chair

Posted: November 11, 2012 by Michelle in Uncategorized

First of all I want to welcome Michelle James and thank her for taking over the Nebraska USAPL website. I think she will be a wonderful asset to our sport here in Nebraska. As you already have noticed our website has taken on a new look and we are planning on maybe making a few more changes as time goes by. We will try our hardest to keep things updated and keep you informed about what’s going on in powerlifting in Ne. Also I want to thank Tim Anderson for taking care of the website as long as he did. It is really appreciated. Tim will still be taking care of the records and I want to thank him for that.

A reminder to our High School lifters that High School National’s are in Denver this year April 5-7. I want to encourage you to consider this because you don’t always get that chance to go when its this close, especially for some of you toward the west end of the State. Also it an honor to be able to compete at the National level.

About our meets coming up. First of all Wayne Herl is holding a meet Dec 8th in Topeka, Kansas. Of course Steve and I are hosting the Capitol City Clash Jan 26th in Lincoln and the State meet will be held at the end of April.

Bill Sindelar
Ne State Chair

USAPL Capital Clash 2013

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Welcome to the New USAPL Nebraska Page!

Posted: November 9, 2012 by Michelle in Uncategorized

We are currently in the process of reconstructing our web site so please bare with us.  Tim Anderson has graciously always kept up our web and records.  He has past the baton on to Michelle James who will get the new site running.  Tim will still be our rankings & record keeper and keep those up to date as well.  Bill Sindelar our State Chair is also a big part in keeping the web going by funding it.  So we just want to thank all who give there time and money to make USAPL Nebraska GREAT!

If you have have something you would like posted like an upcoming meet, results, pictures, or news please CLICK HERE and use the contact form.

Thanks for your patience while we do this transition.  Happy Lifting!

Michelle James