Special Guests at Capital City Clash~Joe and Cathy Marksteiner

With MANY credits of their own in Powerlifting, Cathy and Joe Marksteiner will be attending this years Capital City Clash.  Joe is the maker of the AWESOME program Next Lifter that is used EVERYWHERE for powerlifting meets.  Totally customizable and very user friendly.  They will be there to run the Next Lifter program making sureContinue reading “Special Guests at Capital City Clash~Joe and Cathy Marksteiner”

Powerlifting 101 Presentation Slide

The next Nebraska USAPL meet is almost here.  Are you READY?!  If this is your first USAPL Meet, please check out this informative Powerlifting 101 slide. It will give you some basics to make sure you have the best day possible:) Click HERE for the Powerlifting 101 Presentation Slide