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Nebraska Lifters Represent

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Women’s Nationals was a BLAST! As the lone Nebraska woman represntative I did my best getting a PR Competition total of 750. I weighed in the lightest 63kg (58.9) gal out of the 22 lifters and by wilks that finished me 10th. In my divisions I placed 4th in the Open and 5th in the Masters.

Robert Keller of USAPL has been directing and hosting quite a few of the National meets in Florida and now it is time for some WORLD action. Master’s Worlds will be hosted in Orlando Florida the end of September with Nebraska lifters again representing.  This time they though Steve and Bill will be representing the US!


Dan Goodwin lifted in the Masters 80-84 division. WHAT AN INSPIRATION! Finishing 1st in the 83kg (weighing 75.6) and totalling 295kg. Dan proves that you are NEVER too old to lift.


Our State Chair Bill Sindelar lifted in the Master 60-64 120kg (weighing 115.5) and his total of 687.5kg placed him 1st and a spot on the world team in September. He had a great day going 7 for 9


Steve Davenport made his debut as a master lifter in the 120+ kg 40-44 division. He had an exceptional day missing only his second squat and totalling 920kg. Very excting for him as this will be his first time on the Master’s World Team as well.

“I have competed since December 1998. Masters Nationals was simply the pinnacle of my powerlifting career. The venue, the atmosphere, and the camaradie simply cannot be matched anywhere. I didn’t really focus on winning, but rather on lifting the best I could under the stricktest of conditions. Lay aside whatever excuses you have, get qualified, and step onto the national stage. You won’t regret. Special thanks to our state chair Bill Sindelar for his encouragement and coaching.” ~Steve Davenport

As you know traveling is pretty expensive yet the priviledge to lift at a national or world status is a huge lifetime honor. These guys that are heading to Master’s Worlds in Florida could use all the help they can get. So if you are interested in showing your support and sponsoring them in anyway please contact them or us and we can maybe work together to help out.


2013 Women’s Nationals Full Results

2013 Master’s Nationals Full Results

Again if you have any Nebraska USAPL news to share or pictures please contact me so I can get the word out.


This weekend is the Women’s Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  The rooster is out and I was shocked to find that I’m the only one from Nebraska!  I’m far from being the strongest in Nebraska so where are you girls at???  We need to set a goal for next year to bring more girls, teens to masters, to the stage.  Nationals is a great learning experience whether you get last place or first.  This will be my first nationals in 7 years and yes I’m nervous.  Along with qualifying in the 132 Open I also will make my first debut in the Master division.  These girls are on top of the game and I will likely finish at the bottom BUT I will be lifting on the same platform as greats as Jennifer Thompson, Jennifer Gadreau, Suzanne Hartwig, Liane Blyne, Priscilla Ribic (whom I was dissappointed to see was scratched from the rooster) and…..ALI MCWEENY!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch and meet Ali.  If you don’t know who Ali is, you need to.  She will inspire you and stop all your excuses for not lifting or coming to Nationals.  She is a powerlifter that lost her leg in a boating accident.  She SQUATS, BENCHES, and DEADLIFTS with ONE LEG!  She will be lifting in the same sessions as I will so I’m pretty pumped!  My session is from 2pm to 6pm Eastern Time.  And though I know I won’t be the BEST….I plan on being MY BEST:)  I’ve had a few more kids since I last lifted at Nationals, I’m older, and I never thought I’d powerlift again….so I am totally excited I’ve qualified and honored I’ll be lifting with such greats.  Having 4 birth babies and 2 step children or being 40 is NOT stopping me, so what’s stopping YOU?!   I hope to see more girls get inpsired to come to USAPL Nationals next year! ~Michelle James

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Gold! Gold! Gold!

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Well the Master’s Nationals has wrapped up and Nebraska brings home GOLD!  Dan Goodwin, Bill Sindelar, and Steve Davenport all won their divisions.  Bill and Steve has also now qualified for the WORLD team! Way to go guys!  Full results will be posted soon.

State Meet Results UP!

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Sounds like another GREAT state meet was held this past weekend in Lincoln with around 50 lifters from Nebraska and a few guest lifters from out of state.  Remember if you think you may of gotten any records to let us know.  Our records keeper goes over all of those but it helps alot to not miss anyone if you can help us out too:)

Nebraska gots you COVERED when it comes to great meets coming up!  New this year will be the Summer Push-Pull in Lincoln August 10th which will be a BENCH ONLY or DEADLIFT ONLY competition.  Go to upcoming meets to get your entry form!  And for your full meet needs Alliance will be hosting the Power Surge Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships September 21st.  It will be a full meet and bench only meet.  More information and entry for that soon!

So there is no excuses!  There is a meet for everyone clear on both sides of the state.  START TRAINING!  Oh, and if your available to help score, ref, spot/load, or volunteer in any way for these up coming meets please let us know asap.  We ALWAYS need help and it isn’t possible without our voluntters.