Purchase your 2014 USAPL Membership HERE!

Purchase your 2014 USAPL Membership CLICK HERE!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to LIFT HEAVY! Stay up to date with upcoming meets and start planning now and train HARD!  One way to start things off right is to purchase your membership card ahead of time.  It will save you time and less chances of your membership getting lost in the mix.  Plus you can no longer use a credit card to puchase your membership at the meets.  To use a credit card you MUST do so online only.  It’s good for the entire year of 2014 so you might as well get it now and get those meets planned out.

Wishing you all new PR’s and White Lights!

Published by Michelle

I'm Michelle James and the new webmaster of USAPL Nebraska. I've been in and out of the powerlifting scene between babies. I lift in the 132lb weight class at the local and national level. I am a meet director and national referee. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact form on the USAPL Nebraska site. Happy Lifting!

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