Attention American Record Breakers

Remember that much paper work is needed to make an American Record official in USAPL.  You must provide a copy of your birth certificate, a copy of a certified scale you were weighed in on, and and American Record form that is signed by officating referees and meet director.  It is the competitors responsibility to make sure all of this gets done and given to the meet director in a timely matter.  The meet director will then have the responsibility to turn the paperwork in right away to the National office.  So if you think you may be attemtping an American Record please have your paper work ready and notify the meet director to make sure there will be National qualified referees there as well.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Published by Michelle

I'm Michelle James and the new webmaster of USAPL Nebraska. I've been in and out of the powerlifting scene between babies. I lift in the 132lb weight class at the local and national level. I am a meet director and national referee. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact form on the USAPL Nebraska site. Happy Lifting!

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