People of USA Powerlifting Nebraska

Bill Sindelar -IPF Cat I Referee/Meet Director

Howells, NE

Don (Mac) McElravy – State Chairman/IPF Cat I Referee/Meet Director/Senior National Coach

Omaha, NE

Howard Huffman – USA Powerlifting National Referee

Lincoln,  NE

Tim Anderson – USA Powerlifting Nebraska Rankings Keeper/National Referee/ Meet Director/Senior International Coach

Blair, NE

Steve Davenport – USA Powerlifting State Referee/Meet Director

Lincoln, NE

Monte Lofing – USA Powerlifting National Referee/Coach

Beatrice, NE

Monte Lofing

Michelle James – USA Powerlifting-Nebraska Webmaster/USA Powerlifting National Referee/Meet Director

Alliance, NE

Photo Apr 05, 2 20 33 PM

If you would like to contact anyone of us just click Here and fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Your opinion is important to us!  If you have questions or comments please contact us.  If you have an event, news, or pictures you would like posted let us know.   Also we want ALL Nebraska referee’s up so if you are a ref please use the comment box and I will let you know where to send the photo and info so I can post it.

USA Powerlifting-Nebraska is dedicated to supporting and communicating with all USA Powerlifting-Nebraska lifters.  We are proud to represent drug-free USA Powerlifting powerlifters across the state of Nebraska.  Nebraska is the home of lifters from local level to world level.  We have some of the STRONGEST lifters around.   Thanks for checking our page out.  We invite you to follow us. 

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