Team Thurman Invades Colorado

After Danny Thurman competed at the NAPF Regional Benchpress Championships on November 17, his three sons competed in the USAPL Push Pull Nationals on November 18 in Aurora Colorado. John Thurman, 22 years old competed in the 198 Junior Division and Benched 364 and Deadlifted 424. John attempted a Junior state record bench of 418Continue reading “Team Thurman Invades Colorado”

Nebraska lifters at the NAPF Bench

November 17, in Denver Colorado Nebraska lifters compete at the NAPF North American Regional Bench Championships. Danny Thurman took second in the 93kg Open class behind fellow world team member Adam Mamola. Thurman finished with a 573lb lift. Peter Maynard took second in the Masters with a 462lb bench at 105kg. Tim Anderson took firstContinue reading “Nebraska lifters at the NAPF Bench”