USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Meet Entry

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USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Championships (NE-2017-02)

Midland University, Hopkins Arena 904 Clarkson Street, Fremont, Nebraska

To be held April 29-30, 2017. Entry HERE

Hello Everyone,

I have just been awarded the bid for the 2017 Central Regional Championship. It will be in the Minneapolis area on September 2-3.
I made the announcement today on Facebook and it can be seen here:
Please share this information with your members and let me know if you have any questions.
I am hoping our region will be well-represented in terms of lifters, referees, and meet staff.
– Joe Warpeha

December State Chair Message Regarding State Records

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NE STATE RECORDS: if you are a registered Nebraska lifter and have set a Nebraska State Record, in Nebraska competitions or any other USA Powerlifting, NAPF, or IPF competition, and they are not showing up as NE records please send me an email with all the info so that I can follow up to get them entered manually.
For some reason that I cannot explain, the database is not recognizing all of the records. I resolve to work with the National Office to take care of this and get all of the records updated ASAP.
As of now there are over 1400 possible records so this will take some time. Please respond directly to me in a separate email, so that it doesn’t get buried 20 or 30 emails deep. I will then be able to respond individually as to when the record has been updated. I’m sure this process will get better sooner than later. In my spare time I will also go back over the competitions held in NE since the database change was made (Jan 2016) in order to update any records that may have been missed.
Please include the following info: 1) Lifter Name and Date-of-Birth. 2) Name and Date of competition. 3) Division and weight class entered. 4) Record in Kilos. I will confirm any records with the competition results and get them entered ASAP, thanks.

Two World Champions From Nebraska

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Congratulations Steve Davenport and Bill Sindelar for representing Nebraska well! 

        2016 Power On The Platte Entry

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        Set for Saturday November 19th in North Platte, the second annual USA Powerlifting Power on the Platte entry is available here:2016 Pwr on the Platte Entry 06-24-16


        Also, note there is a few link changes on the records as follows:

        USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Raw Records

        USA Powerlifting Nebraska State Equipped Records

        USA Powerlifting American Records

          Midland University Hires World Champion Coach to Launch Varsity Powerlifting. Congratulations Tim Anderson!! For more info click on link: 
        Please add link to website/article too…Thank You

        Nebraska Lifters ROCK It At Nationals

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        Nebraska lifters did really well at nationals. They were held this past weekend in Colorado where the BEST of the BEST compete for their spot on the IPF World Team. Below is the Nebraska lifters placings:

        Bonica Lough first place Unlimited  womens

        Katey Dodge fourth place

        Bill Sindelar first place

        Danny Thurman first place

        Steve Davenport first place. He is pictured above. His final lifts were:

        Final lifts

        766 sq

        556 bench

        705 deadlift

        2028 total

        518 wilks

        Go to for more results and info on this great competition. And a BIG congrats to our Nebraska lifters!!!!

        State Meet Info

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        It has been brought to my attention some can not open the link under “upcoming events” for the entry form. The entry has changed 3 times so you may need to clear your cache to open since the link has had to be updated as well. If you still can not open it please contact Steve (see info below) and he can email you a form. Sorry for any inconvenience. Good lifting! 


        MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO Steve Davenport 6221 North 34th Street Lincoln Nebraska 68504 

        Entry form with fees must be postmarked by April 18, 2016. Late entries incur 20.00 late fee. No refunds.


        Any questions call Steve Davenport at 402 875 1276, or email


        Weigh ins begin at 7 am April 30. No one may weigh in after 830 am. Lifting begins at 9 am.


        State Meet, Records, and Congrats

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        State Chair Message March 27, 2016

         The State Championships will be held in Lincoln on April 30, 2016 at Parkview Christian School Gym, anyone interested in volunteering to help please contact Steve Davenport and/or myself.

         Anyone or a group of people interested in submitting a meet bid for the 2017 State Championships please let me know.

         Anyone interested in running for or wanting to nominate someone to be the next State Chairman, for a 3-year term, please also let me know.

         The State Records have been transitioned from to the National website database. There was a glitch in the transition and I am working on getting it resolved. The state records from the Clash meet will be updated ASAP.

         Please join me in congratulating Eli Burks for passing his State Referee test in January.  Please also join me in congratulating Bonica Lough, Danny Thurman, Chris Walter, and Eli Burks for their accomplishments at the Arnold Sports Festival earlier this month. Bonica set World Records in the squat and total, and took 1st with an amazing 600 lb. squat. Danny took 2nd with a 584 lb. equipped bench press, Chris took 5th with a 430 lb. raw bench press, and Eli pulled an incredible 799 lb. deadlift for 2nd . Arnold Results

         On January 1, 2016 the official USA Powerlifting Nebraska website transferred to the new domain name:, please update your favorites to include the new domain name link. The previous domain name of will continue to redirect you to the website until mid-November when the old domain will not be renewed.

        Best Regards, Mac

        Photo Jan 06, 12 01 58 AM
        State Chair Message January 17, 2016:
        • Happy New Year!
        • On January 1, 2016 the official USA Powerlifting Nebraska website transferred to the new domain name:, please update your favorites to include the new domain name link.  The previous domain name of will continue to redirect you to the website until mid-November when the old domain will not be renewed.
        • The Capital City Clash will be held in Lincoln on January 21, 2016 at Parkview Christian School Gym.   As of now there will be at least 5 National/International referees at this meet so American Records may be attempted.
        • I was unable to secure a site for the State Championships, and since it was getting very late, Steve Davenport has agreed to conduct the meet at Parkview again this year.  The meet has been sanctioned and entries will be available at the Capital City Clash.
        • Also coming soon the State Records will be transitioned from to the National website.
        • If you are interested in competing at a USA Powerlifting meet and haven’t yet, come check out the competition in Lincoln on January 23 at Parkview Christian.