Capital City Clash 2017 Results (1) (1)

Patriot Open 2016 Rev 4-Results

2016 USA Powerlifting NE State championships and husker open – Combined Platforms-Results

Capital City Clash 2016 -Results

2015 USAPL Pwr on the Platte – Results

2015 NE USAPL Patriot Open 

2015 Nebraska State & Midwest Open

2015 Capital City Clash

2014 USAPL Patriot Open

2014 State Meet Results

2014 Capital City Clash

2013 USAPL Push & Pull~Lincoln, NE

2013 Power Surge

2013 USAPL Nebraska State Meet

Capital City Clash 2013

Power Surge 2012

2011 State Games

Capital Clash 2010

2003 USAPL Cornhusker State Games

*****More results coming soon- UNDER CONSTRUCTION****



  1. dan says:

    Any results from the january 26th meet yet?

  2. dan says:

    any word on the meet results from the capital clash

  3. dan says:

    results done yet

  4. daniel bainbridge says:

    I was wondering if you could possibly still have the results from the Class B Nebraska State Championship meet in south sioux city in 2008???

  5. lauren says:

    Any results for the Cap City Clash yet?

  6. kyle says:

    So about those cap city clash results….

  7. CLARK J NILSON says:

    When will the result from 1-21-17 be available or where do I look to finfvthem

  8. Sadie says:

    Do you know when you’ll post the results from the 2017 Capital City Clash?

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